How to Increase Brain Activity With Herbs

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Is your memory weak and your brain feels tired very often? Are you not using the optimum of your brain capacity? Do you forget a lot of things and your brain is failing on you?

If your answer to these questions is yes then, you are like all the rest of us. We all are struggling and want to be in the row of the smartest people in the world. Who doesn’t want t to become the next Albert Einstein?  We for sure all want to be geniuses and brilliant at whatever we do.

Some will say a genius is born not made or will call it destiny. But you have nothing to lose to try and give your best to achieve your real potential and the optimum of your brain.


Eventually, it all comes to the moment when you realize that the brain is part of your body and naturally understand its needs.

Vincristine Extract

You may have heard of this. It’s a natural extract from periwinkle. This is the most efficient and powerful anticancer medication of all times. Many lives are saved thanks to it. The positive neurocognitive effects this drug gives are astonishing. And if it’s not enough, this drug can even reduce a brain tumor.

Gotu Kola

It’s a magic herb. Not only it can increase brain activity, but it can decrease your level of stress. And it’s clear logic how stress can affect us and our brain in processing information, understanding clearly or remembering things. The consummation of this herb is essential.

The Smell of Rosemary

A case study has found that the oils giving the beautiful scent of rosemary have the effect of improving the working of your brain. Also, it can speed the process of performing some tasks. Gracious to say, this is just another of the many benefits rosemary has. And we can’t thank enough.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Have you thought that regenerating a brain cell is impossible? Get this herb, and assure yourself. Its benefits are numerous, but the crucial one is improving memory and rising you intellectually. Ginkgo is a smart tree, and it has been used for long, long time. Get it; it’s perfectly safe.

Being real, the intake of this herbs will not immediately make you a genius and raise your IQ to 150. But eventually, the most important thing is taking care and always trying to increase brain activity. These herbs can, of course, help in your overall mental being, and can make your life easier. What do you have to lose?


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