Coconut Oil Benefits For The Brain

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Coconut Oil Benefits For The Brain

How interesting is the fact that a long time ago this oil was considered as life-threatening? Causing heart diseases and being unhealthy? It is hard to believe when today, coconut oil benefits are proven. The benefits are significant in numerous health conditions. It’s said that this so-called “super oil” can cure anything. But what is the real truth? Is it that good for your overall health? Let’s find out.

Tree of life or a killer?

Tropics and subtropics are the places where you can find coconut trees around the world. For what is know, every part of this tree has a significant use. For example, to make rope or even roofs you can use the husk of the coconut. And of course, coconut water and oil are used for nutrition. The coconut oil is promoting the health benefits of an Indian healing tradition. But these are not the only coconut oil benefits. It is extremely useful and helpful for skincare and hair.

Even the Asians, who are representing half of the world population, were using the coconut oil in one form or another for centuries.


It is crucial to know that the usage of coconut oil in diets has proven extremely helpful, and prevent severe health conditions.

Coconut oil, consist of these type of triglycerides but, they are smaller and easily stored as a source of energy. This oil is one of just two significant sources of these triglycerides, and the other one is birth milk. One of the greatest of all coconut oil benefits.

Your brain can’t store energy, and it soon starts to die if it is not getting the energy it needs. One of the brain’s primary fuel is glucose. But, when it comes to the time when it can’t get enough energy from carbs, be grateful there is a backup system.

During times of starvation, the liver breaks down the already stored fats into the much-needed energy. The good news is that if you want to activate them, you don’t have to starve yourself. Coconut oil can do the job for you.

Coconut oil benefits for your brain

There is a lot of talking about all the benefits this oil has to give. And all the research was done, show that it’s true.

A significant use of this oil is for the treatment Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In a disease such as Alzheimer’s, brain cells are not getting the glucose they need, because they become resistant to insulin, and eventually die.

Neglecting the glucose metabolism, coconut oil provides energy directly to the brain cells that need it.

Coconut oil for neurological conditions

A big number of experts believe that diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries can be treated with coconut oil. A study has also shown some other coconut oil benefits like reducing diabetic complications. For example, insulin resistance, retinopathy, and kidney damage.

When used as a component in high-fat diets, coconut oil can meaningfully delay the aging of the brain. It also can have a significant impact on memory disorders such as memory loss.

Imagine getting an active drug for helping in depression besides all the prescribed medications and their side effects. Yes, coconut oil can be as effective as them, and it is entirely natural.

Even more incredible Is the fact that, coconut oil benefits and helps even in conditions such as ADHD and anxiety.

Other important coconut oil benefits

To be real, there are plenty of coconut oil enthusiasts that believe coconut oil is the cure for everything. And they put information all over the net. The question is how to know if it’s real or not? Believe in whatever is proven.

Next, we will represent all of the benefits that are proven, and backed by scientific research.

It’s helpful to know that this oil can speed up wound healing, and is a natural antiseptic. It is also very effective in treating Candida.

The oil increases metabolic rate and can be used in diets because it reduces appetite.

Coconut Oil Benefits For The Brain

Coconut oil can bring down a fever because it acts like Tylenol, analgesic.

Some of the components of this oil have shown and proven that have anti-cancer properties. It can also significantly improve the overall health of a woman that have breast cancer. They also experienced a lot less side effects of the chemotherapy.

We assure you, eating coconut oil can’t and will never increase the risk of getting a heart disease.

Latest studies have shown that as much coconut oil consumed as higher the level the good cholesterol.

Making it part of your daily income, if you want to feel the coconut oil benefits, is essential. It’s pretty easy also. You just replace it with vegetable oil and use it whenever you used them. About three tablespoons a day is enough for your overall health.

This oil is also very stable and safe for cooking. All that because it’s mostly saturated fats. That makes it an excellent choice for frying, roasting, and baking.


When it comes to where you should keep it, we recommend its anywhere but the refrigerator, because it will turn hard like a rock. Keep it at a room temperature. So depending on that, it can be solid or liquid. It’s not like you have to stick with coconut oil. You can also use coconut milk, coconut water or coconut meat.

Coconut oil benefits can also be absorbed through the skin. So many people use it as a moisturizer for the face.

We also recommend for you to be cautious with this oil. When used a lot, can upset the digest and cause diarrhea or nausea. Don’t add too much too fast. Increase the amount with time.

And unfortunately, there are some people out there that are allergic to it. Too bad.

This oil is amazing. And it is proven its efficiency and benefits. It’s good for you at the moment of the intake, but also important for your being in the future. It can improve not only your mental and brain health but also your overall well-being and health.


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