Brain Damaging Habits You Need to Avoid

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Brain Damaging Habits

The most crucial role in your being is played by the brain, representing the main control center as one of the most important organs. The brain is the leader of your body and takes credit for every move and every decision you make.

Everything we do, or not, everything we eat affects our well-being, our lifestyle, and general health. For example, stress is causing headaches and over-eating causes gaining weight, so every one of our decision of what we do or not has a direct reaction to ourselves.

So, knowing how delicate this organ is, we need to take care of it. Even if we don’t feel the effects of all the brain-damaging habits we have, we need to try and avoid them.


Cellular radiation is causing brain cancer

A case study has found that cell-phone radiation can increase the chance of having a brain tumor. It is scary, isn’t it? But don’t worry, there are some precautions to take to avoid this risk. Keeping the phone in your pockets, sleeping next to it, not using speakerphone or texting, etc. are brain-damaging habits that are easy to avoid. And you should.

Absence of social contact

You may find this habit strange, but over the years has been proven that the lack of socializing and communicating can affect our well-being, and feel depressive and lazy. Also, this can affect our power to remember things. Go ahead, meeting new people will keep your brain fit.

Eating way too much

Again, one of the brain-damaging habits you need to avoid for your general health is, of course, overeating. This happens when you eat a lot more than your body needs, and it damages your brain in a way that the organ itself initiates for food that is high in fats.

Avoiding breakfast

Avoiding breakfast is a bad idea for so many reasons. One can not function properly, is not getting the energy and is not providing the nutrients needed for the brain to work as it should. Skipping breakfast repeatedly can cause brain degeneration, and you don’t want that.

Air pollution

Of course, this is not all your fault. But you can do something about it, like, wearing a mask very often. As funny as this sounds, the brain needs oxygen to function properly. The reduced amount of oxygen intake because of the constant air pollution can and will cause a decrease in brain efficiency.

Not stimulating your brain regularly

Thinking is a very powerful process. So the act of rarely stimulating your brain can not help you improve your mind or be smarter. Just the opposite. Your brain can shrink because of the lack of stimulation.

Covering your head while sleeping

This is just another one of the brain-damaging habits we do and don’t even know it. It’s pretty simple. If covering your head with sheets, you are decreasing the amount of oxygen supply to your brain, which eventually leads to reduced brain efficiency.

Overworking yourself when ill

Pushing yourself, working hard or studying when sick, can cause severe damage to your brain and of course to decrease brain effectiveness.

These brain-damaging habits need to be avoided. Of course, if you want not just a healthy brain, but a healthy lifestyle. Maybe if you want to work your brain to its optimum, to its limits? If the answer is affirmative, stop doing these habits right now, and don’t wait until you feel the effects damaging your brain. The decision is yours to make.


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