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binaural beats and the brain waves

In our previous article, we have already discussed the binaural beats and the brain waves. We have concluded that by presenting two pure-tone sounds with slightly different frequencies independently to each ear, our brain perceives an auditory illusion called binaural beats. Our mind recognizes this sensation as a faint pulsation over a single tone. The frequency of this tone is equal to the mean frequency of the two tones, and the pulsation has a rate equal to their difference.

In this article, we will present you short guidelines in order to help you achieve the best binaural experience possible.

Binaural Beats and the Brain Waves


Listening to binaural beats provides information to the area of the brain called reticular activating system. This is a brain area resembling a net. It decides on lucidity, concentration, and consciousness. Our brain will perceive the binaural beat pulsation as an information. If internal incitements (feelings, beliefs or demeanors) or external (sensory ones) are not in conflict with this information, then the reticular system will change the brain wave activity and adjust it to the stimulation of the beat signals.

One of the natural brain functions is to create a stable balance between co-dependent elements of the human body (so-called homeostasis). The brain automatically and actively controls all body functions to maintain the homeostasis. This is a kind of an inner balance.

The Health Benefits of Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats can be a very beneficial treatment in some cases. However, it mostly depends on the individual. Below are some of the things they can help with.

Meditation Preparation (Calming the brain)

Using binaural beats before and during meditation can improve the experience on several levels. For the best results, try listening twenty minutes of the Alpha range. After the alpha range, the beat should have a two-minute transition from Alpha, Beta, and finally to the Gamma range. This is the highest energy recorded in the human brain and should not be used if you start feeling anxiety, overly stressed, or highly aroused.

This combination will bring you through a high-energy meditation session that will spark a new form of creativity and deep thought at what would seem like unusual speeds. Make sure the Gamma wavelength continues for at least thirty minutes for optimum results.

Note: You also need to be in the meditative mindset before starting.

Enhanced Fitness Training

When people are about to experience an intense situation, their brain produces Alpha waves to help keep them calm. Alpha waves mixed with the adrenaline, secreted by the adrenal glands, gives your body that funny feeling in the stomach.

Fitness training gives you the similar sensation. Your stomach is not bubbly, but your mind is in a seemingly thoughtful state. This helps you to manage the pain that you expect to experience with the training and keeps you going.

Alpha waves are associated with learning, so you are able to understand better and retain new fitness routines. For an optimal workout session, listen to the binaural beat in the Alpha range for 15 minutes. Then play five-minute rotations of Beta, Delta, Gamma, and alpha. Beta waves improve your focus. Delta waves improve the nervous system inputs, and Gamma waves improve your mental and physical speed while Alpha levels each level out.

Hangover Cure

10 Hz is the most effective tone for curing hangovers. This frequency also helps with jet lag. It releases more serotonin into the brain; there are reported cases for its use to rid oneself from nicotine withdrawal.

Human Growth Hormone Release

Binaural beats with 1.05 Hz stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormone. It helps our body to develop muscle, recover from injuries and has overall rejuvenation effects. It also helps hair growth and gets its natural color back.

Natural Pain Relief

There are numerous frequencies for natural pain relief. I will list a few and their main usage.

  • [15 Hz] – Chronic pain relief
  • [0.5 – 1.5 Hz] – Multipurpose pain relief
  • [0.5 Hz] – Very relaxing, against a headache

Creating Your Own Binaural Beats

After experimenting with readily available binaural beats, you will probably want to create your own. It is quite an easy task if you are familiar with sound generating software. I am using Audacity, and you can download it free at this link.

At this link, you can find extra information about known benefits and effects of some frequency ranges.

Drop us a note about your experience with binaural beats and the brain waves, and if you are interested in creating your own beats, I can make an article explaining the process using Audacity.


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