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The Energy Cure of Your Hands — Recharge Your Spiritual Energy In 6 Simple Steps

When we cut ourselves, our body can repair the wound. When we cry, our hearts, as well as minds start to calm and ...
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Lord Shiva
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Lord Shiva is the Powerful God of Healing & Destruction — 2018 is His Year

Who is Lord Shiva? A lot of stories and legends surround this most prominent figure of Indian spiritual traditions. But, is he a ...
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Today Is January 11 — Here Is The Spiritual Significance Of This Year’s 11111 Getaway!

One of the things that make 2018 so special is that it is a number 11 year. In numerology, the number 11 has ...
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live simply
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How to Live Simply in a Complicated World

The world we humans have created and live in is unbelievably complicated, and this is reflected in the way we’re living. Consider how ...
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Past Lives: 11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced from anyone…; Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the ...
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