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cancerous pork
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Experienced Butcher Admits: “When We See Cancer In The Pork, We Just Cut It And Still Sell It To Customers”

Meat eaters might want to reconsider their diet choices. A butcher has shocked the world by saying that when coming across cancer in ...
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Garlic healing
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5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life

5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life Written By: Sayer Ji “Though Mother Nature’s formulas are proprietary, she does not grant ...
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Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation Once and For All by Demonstrating its Neurotoxicity

The practice water fluoridation in the United States has been under growing scrutiny for years by a public that has become conscious of ...
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Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program
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NYC Allows Doctors to Prescribe Fruits and Veggies Instead of Pills

Just last week, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs and Health Commissioner Thomas Farley announced the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, which actually allows doctors ...
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The Cancer-Fighting Tea
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The Cancer-Fighting Tea The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Drink

The western world spends trillions of dollars each year on conventional cancer treatments with limited results. However, natural and inexpensive herbs and botanicals, ...
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