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Full Red Moon Tonight — Get Ready To Receive Tons Of Positive Energies!

Biggest And Brightest full moon Of 2020
My World
The Aquarius Full Moon this year will appear in the sky on August 3-4. This full Moon will welcome the eighth month this year and will build energies ...
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Hemp Toilet Paper Is An Eco-Friendly Alternative And Could Save The World

Hemp Toilet Paper
My World
Probably toilet paper is the thing that we use the most, and it is multifunctional. Besides all its significant purposes, we never thought if it is beneficial or ...
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You Can Now Move To Barbados And Work From Home For A Year

My World
It is finally official, Barbados announced and launched its one year Barbados Welcome Stamp, and the prime minister confirmed it at the beginning of July. Barbados, the Caribbean ...
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A Different Kind of Healthy Refreshing Drinks

Healthy Refreshing Drinks
My Recipes
We have already presented a few recipes for healthy and chlorophyll-rich smoothies, refreshing Switchel, and ayurvedic herbal waters. Here we give you recipes for a similar, but slightly ...
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Healing Water: 7 Ayurvedic Herbal Waters You Must Have

Ayurvedic Herbal Waters You Must Have
My Ayurveda My Cures My Recipes
In the age of modern medicines, where one would run to take a pill to cure even minor health ailments, it is good to stop and think if ...
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