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Relaxing in a Hot Bath Burns as Many Calories as a 30-minute Walk

hot bath
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The scientists from the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Loughborough University UK conducted a research in which they discovered that spending an hour in ...
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Colloidal Silver Proven to Make Antibiotics a Thousand Times More Effective in Killing Bacteria

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For centuries, people are using colloidal silver for fighting infections. Nowadays, scientists are studying it like a powerful solution for the widespread of the bacteria resistant to antibiotics. ...
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Major Energy Shift With The Last New Moon Tonight — Prepare For Magic!

Last New Moon Tonight
My World
Sagittarius is a sign which seeks, breaks, and pushes through all the boundaries endlessly, in order to uncover crux, core, as well as the essence of the truth. ...
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According to Science, Dogs are Natural Detectives and Can Recognize Bad People

Dog is a Natural Detective
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The dog is an animal which is considered a natural detective. Our forefathers knew this animal very well, and they kept it with them. Dogs have the ability ...
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Nasa’s Mars InSight Touches Down on Martian Surface Hoping to Drill Down into the Mysteries of the Red Planet

InSight Lander
My World
NASA has announced that the Mars InSight Lander successfully landed on the face of the planet. The Lander ended its journey that lasted for six months and over ...
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