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Tonight’s Full Thunder Moon Eclipse Brings The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2020

thunder full moon eclipse
My World
After the intense weather conditions that we have been facing recently, a Thunder Moon lunar eclipse will fulfill us with pleasant energy. July is the marker of the ...
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8 Warning Signs Which Show That You Are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

mentally exhausted
My Tips
Riding on that crazy rollercoaster which is called life can sometimes be tiresome. One minute you are high up and the following one it takes right back down ...
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A Statue Of Six Meters Is Installed In Riga To Honor Medical Workers

medical workers
My World
The artwork was placed in the most dominant place in front of the Latvian National Museum of Art. The creator of the statue is Aigars Bikše. Nowadays, the ...
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Stunning And Rare Solar Eclipse Will Unleash A ‘Ring Of Fire’ This Weekend

solar eclipse
My World
If you don’t have any plans for this weekend yet, we suggest you enjoy the perfect ‘Ring of Fire.’ The Moon will dramatically cover the Sun. Only the ...
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Ikaria, Greece: Where People Live Longer Than You Do

Ikaria, Greece Where People Live Longer
My Tips My World
Maybe it’s the crystal blue waters and rocky shores against a mountainous backdrop, idyllic to any discerning traveler’s eye, or that the old simply forget to die, but ...
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