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Today Mercury Goes Retrograde for The First Time in 2018 — Get Ready For A Massive Energy Shift!

mercury retrograde
My World
March is a busy month in the skies. Not just does it bring us a Blue Moon and the start of the astrological year, but also the planet ...
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“I’m A Defeated Man. I Wanted To Illuminate The Whole Earth. ” Tesla Says In Near End-Of-Life Interview

Nikola Tesla
My World
Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia and only came to the US at the age of 28. Even though his English was not perfect, he was fluent in ...
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A New Study Finds That Humans Interbred With a Mysterious Species More Than Once

Mysterious Species
My World
We rarely portray our close relatives’ Neanderthals as telegenic. Museum exhibits give them wild tangles of hair, and Hollywood reduces them to grunting unsophisticated. Their skulls suggest broad ...
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Verbal Abuse Can Damage Our Brain And Cause Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders
My Brain
Life has certainly proven to you that the traditional quote “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is totally untrue since words ...
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Pisces New Moon Ritual for Setting Your Desires — Say Goodbye to the Old and Welcome in the New!

New Moon in Pisces
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The New Moon in Pisces, which is on the 17th-18th March, signifies a time of healing, as well as reflection and a time of planting new seeds. For ...
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