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Weight Loss And Digestion. How Long Different Foods Take to Digest?

digestion system
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The effect that digestion has on weight loss is significant. As it said, we are what we eat. Sure, the exact digestion time actually depends on the physical ...
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This Living Pod Can Replace Your Apartment And Takes Only A Day To Install

living pod
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One UK-based former Rolls-Royce engineer believes that he has found the solution to one of the most significant problems of the United Kingdom: the dire state of housing ...
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This Stork Travels 14,500km Each Year To See His Partner That Can’t Fly

This Stork Travels 14,500km Each Year To See His Partner That Can't Fly
My World
This heartwarming love story of two storks from eastern Croatia, Klepetan, and Malena, has captured the hearts of many for 16 years now. The two long-legged birds made ...
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Scientist says Humans have a Magnetic 6th Sense — we can Sense More that we see

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Magnetoreception refers to the ability of an organism to perceive magnetic fields. Several animals use it to find their way over long distances by aligning themselves with the ...
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5 Natural Ways to Beat Depressive Disorder

depressive disorder
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Depressive disorder refers to losing the ability to feel joy, having problems with sleep, concentration, appetite, and weight. It is a day to day uphill struggle, bringing to ...
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