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5 Everyday Spices Can be Your Alternative for Antibiotics

Antibiotics are agents that can completely destroy pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria) or stop their growth and reproduction, without causing significant damage to the host ...
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green smoothie
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Best Smoothie Combinations Rich in Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll helps to rebuild and restore red blood cells, and rapidly increase our energy and health. It has the power to regenerate our ...
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Health Benefits of Oats
My Breakfast

Incredible Health Benefits of Oats

Start your day with oatmeal. While rich in fiber, it is also rich in minerals and vitamin B. The real health benefits of ...
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Eating habits
My Brain

How Easy is to Trick the Brain to Change Your Eating Habits

Obesity and overweight are not that much a state of the body as they are state of the brain. A study conducted last ...
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