animal fur
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California Becomes The First State To Ban Sale Of Animal Fur

The first country that has made a brave move, to ban the manufacture of animal fur, is California. This rule will be applied ...
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Orionids meteor shower
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The Whole World Is Waiting For The Orionids Meteor Shower To Hit Its Peak — Keep Your Eyes To The Sky!

October is a special month for astronomy lovers because around this time every year Earth passes through the tail of debris left behind ...
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It’s Halloween Season And The Veil Is Lifting: Here’s What The Shadow Can Teach Us

October is a special month. The Veil will open and spirits of the past will come to meet us. But the specialty of ...
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My World

First Space Hotel Set To Open Its Doors In 2025 For A Vacation That’s Literally Out-Of-This-World

Imagine if you can be able to travel around Space, just as you travel around the world. It would be such an exciting ...
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Banana Leaf Plates
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Peruvians Launch Banana Leaf Plates To Reduce Environmental Plastic Pollution

One project under the name ‘Bio Plant,’ was made by one small group of Peruvians. This project has a great purpose; it will ...
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Energy Building
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Tonight’s Full Moon Is All About Energy Building — Get Ready For A Spooky Season!

The month ‘October’ this year will be known as Full Hunter’s Moon. The reason for this name is the appearance of the Full ...
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Top 10 Herbs Used in Herbal Medicine
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Top 10 Healing Herbs Anyone Should Know

10. Aloe Vera In traditional Indian medicine, aloe vera is used for constipation, skin diseases, worm infestation, infections and as a natural remedy ...
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Switchel recipe
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How To Make Switchel + 5 Reasons for Drinking This Magical Potion

Switchel, the centuries-long beverage, currently a favorite in “hipster” markets and upscale cocktail bars, has been present around long before the invention of ...
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5 Everyday Spices Can be Your Alternative for Antibiotics

Antibiotics are agents that can completely destroy pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria) or stop their growth and reproduction, without causing significant damage to the host ...
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depressive disorder
My Brain

5 Natural Ways to Beat Depressive Disorder

Depressive disorder refers to losing the ability to feel joy, having problems with sleep, concentration, appetite, and weight. It is a day to ...
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new moon
My Mindfulness

A Massive Energy Shift With The New Moon Tonight — Prepare For Rebirth!

This New Moon will be in the sign of Libra. We are in Libra season, and there is going to be plenty of ...
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Relive Your Coughs
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Relive Your Coughs And Bronchitis With This Natural Remedy

Coughs and colds will always be there in the cold winter months to remind you of your frailty. Also, coughs may appear due ...
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Fall Equinox
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Today Is The Fall Equinox and Turning Point in 2019 bringing Major Energy Shift for Everyone

The turning point for this year, the Fall Equinox is happening on the 23rd of September. It is a time of balance, with equal ...
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eating fat
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Why eating fat will not make you fat — but sugar will

Sugar and fat are the playoff teams in the World Cup of food wars. It makes sense that rich foods such as creamy ...
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My Mindfulness

3 Things We Must Do To Increase Our Human Energy, According To Nikola Tesla

Energy saving is an essential principle and basic life program. Whatever we do, whatever we like, whatever we feel is good for us, ...
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