human brain
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Incredible Medical Video Of A Freshly Removed Human Brain

Although you use your brain to do a lot of thinking, you possibly don’t think about your brain that often. It’s an unbelievably ...
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My World

Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry

It has been rumored for years that Monsanto plans to take over the cannabis industry with genetic engineering just as they’ve taken over ...
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energy cure
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The Energy Cure of Your Hands — Recharge Your Spiritual Energy In 6 Simple Steps

When we cut ourselves, our body can repair the wound. When we cry, our hearts, as well as minds start to calm and ...
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New Moon
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January 16-17th New Moon in Capricorn with 6 Planets Going Direct — A Breath Of Fresh Energy!

The first New Moon of January this year falls exactly at 26 – degree in Capricorn. It will feature the aspect pattern known ...
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Lord Shiva
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Lord Shiva is the Powerful God of Healing & Destruction — 2018 is His Year

Who is Lord Shiva? A lot of stories and legends surround this most prominent figure of Indian spiritual traditions. But, is he a ...
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Ikaria, Greece Where People Live Longer
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Ikaria, Greece: Where People Live Longer Than You Do

Maybe it’s the crystal blue waters and rocky shores against a mountainous backdrop, idyllic to any discerning traveler’s eye, or that the old ...
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10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to Mankind

Antibiotics have saved countless lives, by converting severe, life-threatening infections into temporary ones. However, the common practice of prescribing them have forced microorganisms ...
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We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident

In this beautiful world, there is a reason that every single person comes into your life. Whether it be a blessing or a ...
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My Brain

Science Says: The Power of Positivity Alters Our Physical World

Dr. Masaru Emoto, an alternative healer, believes that positivity can alter the physical world of human beings. He has discovered proof that the ...
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