Ayurveda: The Healing Properties of Metals

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Ayurveda: The Healing Properties Of Metals

Ayurveda teaches that everything in existence is imbued with the energy and intelligence of Universal Consciousness. That is because of all forms of matter, organic and inorganic, are simply the outer manifestations of this most subtle creative energy. The matter is the trapped light of consciousness. The vital force of life flows from the universal source, the essence of all matter, and manifests in the myriad forms and phenomena of nature.
The classic texts of Ayurveda make it clear that all substances in nature contain this cosmic creative intelligence, and thus have a healing value when used in the proper manner. That is why, in its quest to create and maintain perfect health, Ayurvedic medicine makes use of almost everything in nature and daily life, including food, breathing, exercise, meditation, relationships, yoga, and massage, as well as regulated daily and seasonal routines. It also uses thousands of herbs and herbal formulas.

The Healing Properties of Metals, Gemstones, And Colors


Also, Ayurveda utilizes the healing properties of metals, gemstones, and colors. These contain unique, potent forms of energy which may be drawn upon for healing purposes. Most of these methods, clearly described in the old textbooks, have been used safely and successfully for healing for thousands of years, though they have been scarcely known and little appreciated in the West until very recently.

This article will provide a brief introduction to these healing modalities.

The Healing Properties of Metals

For medicinal purposes, metals are traditionally processed to be taken internally in small doses, after undergoing rigorous and extensive purification to negate any toxic effects upon the body’s vital organs. The following recommendations are safe, as they do not involve ingestion of the actual metal.


Gold is strengthening to the nervous system, and the heart improves memory and intelligence and increases stamina. It is also good for weak lungs. Gold can be helpful for students’ pre-exam tension, for arthritis, and for heart arrhythmia.
The energy of gold may be harnessed by preparing gold medicated water. Use pure gold (24 karat is best), such as a gold band. Place the gold into 2 cups of water, and boil until 1 cup evaporates. Take one teaspoon of this gold water 2 or 3 times a day to energize the heart, strengthen mental faculties, and awaken pure awareness. (This process won’t hurt your gold.)
You can also make golden rice: while cooking rice, place a piece of gold in the rice pot, and cook as usual. When the rice is cooked, remove the gold before serving.

NOTE: Gold has heating properties and should be used sparingly by individuals with a Pitta constitution.

Silver Water


Silver has cooling properties and is beneficial for treating excess Pitta. Silver increases strength and stamina and is thus helpful for balancing Vata. Emaciation, chronic fever and weakness after fever, heartburn, inflammatory conditions of the intestines, and profuse menstrual bleeding may all be helped by silver. Silver is antiseptic, antibacterial, and disinfectant. Make silver water following the above directions for gold water, and take one teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day. Drink warm milk heated in a silver vessel to build up strength and stamina.


This metal is beneficial for bone marrow, bone tissue, liver, and spleen. It increases the production of red blood cells and helps to cure anemia.Iron also strengthens muscle and nerve tissues and is rejuvenating. For extra iron, try cooking in cast iron pots and pans. However, excess iron in the system is harmful, so be careful about using it. Although women during their menstruating years may be iron-deficient and may benefit from additional iron, very few men in Western society, need extra iron. An exception might be longtime strict vegetarians.

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