new cancer treatment
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New Cancer Treatment, Which Boosts the Immunity and Destroys Tumors in Just 10 Days

Soon, a new cancer treatment may possibly be on the horizon, thanks to the researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. This ...
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Garlic soup
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Garlic Soup Recipe Which is 15 Times More Potent than Any Antibiotics – It Fights Flu, Common Cold & Sinus Infections

This garlic soup recipe has the amazing capacity of fighting off colds, flu, and even norovirus. The soup is made with 50 cloves ...
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24 Simple Tips To Get Younger Looking Skin

We all strive for a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. Happy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind and a healthy ...
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Coconut oil
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Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days According to New Study

An alternative treatment for cancer has come to light after various studies have found that it can effectively inhibit colon cancer. Coconut oil ...
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Walking meditation
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5 Super Advantages Of Doing A Walking Meditation Instead Of Sitting…

When we talk about meditation, probably what comes to your mind is sitting alone in a quiet room, with meditation music playing in ...
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Free documentaries
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Expand Your Mind With These 300+ Free Documentaries

I find that documentaries can be an incredible source of knowledge that can help us to raise our awareness, deepen our understanding of ...
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Fukushima radiation levels
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Seven Years Later Fukushima Radiation Levels Spiking to Lethal Levels

Some seven years after the disaster at Fukushima, there is a new crisis at Fukushima, and TEPCO, the energy company responsible for the ...
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cannabis research
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5 Cannabis Research Findings that Should’ve Been on the Front Page

Scientists are continuously discovering new ways that cannabis can benefit human health. Typically, researchers publish these discoveries in peer-reviewed journals. Most cannabis research ...
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Alkaline Water
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“The World Needs To Know, Alkaline Water Kills Cancer”. Here’s How To Prepare It

The pH (potential hydrogen) scale runs from 0-14, with 7 being the neutral zone. A substance with a pH < 7 is acidic, ...
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